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Colorado Springs Wrongful Death Attorney

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Every day in Colorado, innocent victims pay the ultimate price for the wrongdoing or negligence of others.  Passengers, pedestrians, motorcycle riders and other motorists lose their lives in car accidents; patients die at the hands of negligent health care providers; and victims are killed because of dangerous conditions on a landowner’s property. These preventable tragedies leave devastated family members behind to cope with grief and financial loss. Though it is certainly a difficult thing to ask, contacting a Colorado Springs wrongful death attorney is often a task that should be done quickly after your loved one's passing. 

No law can bring back a lost loved one, but the laws in Colorado do provide compensation to family members of accident victims.  These laws allow surviving family members to file a wrongful death claim with the help of a Colorado Springs wrongful death attorney in order to obtain compensation for medical bills incurred before death as well as compensation for funeral expenses, loss of companionship and other economic and non-financial losses.

Wrongful Death Claims in Colorado

Wrongful death claims can be brought against anyone responsible for causing the death of a victim as a result of negligence, intentional wrongdoing or other breach of legal duty.  Close family members and those who were receiving financial support from the deceased victim are eligible to bring wrongful death claims against the parties responsible for the death.  Family members can include parents of minor children, spouses and children who lost their parents.

To make a wrongful death claim, you will need to demonstrate that the defendant performed a negligent, wrongful or illegal act.  For example, if a driver was driving unsafely and killed a pedestrian on the sidewalk, then the victim’s family members could file a wrongful death action. You will need to demonstrate that the defendant’s negligent or wrongful actions were a direct cause of death. In addition, you will need to prove the extent of your losses.

Wrongful death claims can be resolved through an out-of-court settlement agreement or a court judgment.  However, it can be difficult to put a price on someone’s life. While you can estimate financial loss by considering how many years the deceased had left to work and how much income will not be earned, it is much harder to measure the loss of a loved one’s companionship.

An experienced wrongful death attorney at Levine Law can help you value and prove your wrongful death case by investigating the accident, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and retaining experts such as economists, accident reconstruction, and medical experts. Our legal team has decades of experience in successfully negotiating settlements in wrongful death cases and litigating such cases in court.

A Colorado Springs Wrongful Death Attorney Will Help You Earn Justice For Your Loved One 

Wrongful death lawsuits or claims attempt to compensate victims for a loss that can never truly be healed.  There is a lot at stake in wrongful death lawsuits and the damage awards can total hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Levine Law’s wrongful death attorneys have been representing the family members of deceased victims for more than two decades. We have secured many multi-million dollar verdicts on behalf of injury victims and have been named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the Colorado area. Our AV-rated attorneys have also been recognized as Super Lawyers and have helped to shape the laws on insurance company penalties in the state of Colorado.

Our background, skills and abilities make us uniquely qualified to handle your wrongful death claim. We will aggressively advocate for your interests to help ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

For a free, no-obligation evaluation of your wrongful death claim, contact a Colorado Springs wrongful death attorney by phone at 719-471-3000 or contact us online today.


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