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Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer

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Many factors can lead to car accidents, ranging from natural causes like inclement weather to engineered causes like poorly designed roads. However, the most common reason is human, such as a driver making a split-second dangerous decision or purposeful reckless or drunk driving.

When a driver ignores driving safety rules or operates a motor vehicle in a careless, negligent or reckless manner, that driver can be held legally responsible if his or her actions cause serious or fatal injuries a car accident. A Colorado Springs car accident lawyer at Levine Law help victims understand Colorado legislation that requires negligent drivers to pay for the victim’s losses.  Our attorneys also help accident victims pursue compensation through the legal system. Call us today at 719-471-3000, or contact us online now to schedule your free consultation.

Know the Risks: Common Causes of Traffic Accidents in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Transportation reported that 10,782 people in the state suffered serious injuries in traffic accidents in 2010. During the same year, 448 auto accident fatalities occurred. Many of these accidents, injuries and deaths could have been prevented if drivers were more careful.

Driver-related actions are frequently the cause of traffic accidents.  These include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Tailgating
  • Drunk driving
  • Fatigue
  • Driver aggression
  • Failure to yield

A driver who engages in these or other dangerous behaviors puts the lives of everyone on the road at risk, including pedestrians, motorcycle riders, bicyclists and other drivers. Furthermore, a driver who performs these dangerous behaviors assumes responsibility for any harm he or she may cause.

A Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Although Colorado law holds dangerous drivers legally accountable for accidents they cause, the car accident victim must take legal action to force the negligent drivers to pay for their costly negligence. Victims can take legal action by filing a claim that settles with an out-of-court payment, or by proving negligence in a personal injury lawsuit in court.

Because every driver is required to have car insurance, there is a good chance that you will be dealing with an auto insurer in any legal action against a negligent driver. Insurance companies have lawyers on staff who possess a thorough understanding of the law, and will aggressively fight for the company’s interests.  Therefore, retaining your own lawyer who is knowledgeable about the nuances of Colorado law and experienced in handling car accident cases is important to achieving the best possible outcome.

Negotiating with an insurer and proving your personal injury case in court can be complicated.  If you have suffered car crash injuries and want to receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, then you should seek help from a car accident lawyer.

At Levine Law, our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience representing auto accident victims in cases against negligent drivers. We are AV-rated attorneys, tough negotiators, recognized Super Lawyers, and skilled litigators.  We focus on helping injured victims recover damages they deserve, and we will put our passion, skill and legal knowledge to work on your case.

To learn more about how an accident attorney at our Colorado Springs office can assist you in obtaining compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress and/or wrongful death damages after you or a loved one is injured in a car wreck, contact us at 719-471-3000 or schedule a free consultation online today.




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As a contractor that represents homeowners who need storm related damage repaired by their insurance company, I see the need for people to have a professional represent them so they can get what is rightfully theirs to repair their home. The same was true when I needed someone to help me in a personal injury situation. I knew that I needed a professional that could fight on my behalf and get me what was needed to make me complete again. Andrew Phillips and the team at Levine Law were incredible! They took the time to listen to my situation and really understand the effects I was dealing with. They handled everything with great detail and sincerity and I really felt they cared for my well being. I hope that nobody has to go through a situation like this, but if you do I would highly recommend Andrew Phillips and the Levine Law Team!

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