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Colorado Springs Construction Accident Attorney

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Construction workers have an important job working on residential, commercial and public buildings, roads, bridges and structures. The job of a construction worker is physically demanding and can place a great deal of strain on the body.  Construction worksites can also be dangerous places where serious injuries occur.

Because of the nature and location of construction work, construction workers are at high risk of suffering injuries on the job.   A construction injury has the potential to end a promising career and leave a worker unable to return to the job due to medical impairments.  If this happens to you, you can take advantage of worker protection laws in order to ensure that your medical bills are paid and your financial needs are met.

At Levine Law, our Colorado Springs construction accident attorneys have represented many injured workers and helped to them secure the money they deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, the legal team at Levine Law can help.  Call us or contact us online today to learn how we can assist with your injury claim.

Types of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can happen on any worksite, even to the most careful employee. Common causes of construction site injuries include:

  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Falls off ladders or other high elevations
  • Falls on the same level such as tripping over debris on the worksite
  • Equipment injuries
  • Crushing injuries from defective tools or machinery
  • Injuries when using tools and machinery
  • Amputation injuries
  • Electrical injuries and electrocutions

The inherent dangers of a worksite create hazardous conditions for workers, but incidents can also be caused by faulty or malfunctioning equipment; employers violating OSHA safety rules; the negligence of other employees; or mistakes that workers make on the job. Regardless of how the accident happened, you may be able to recover compensation for your construction accident injuries.

A Colorado Springs Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help

After a work accident, injured employees can make a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits. These benefits are provided by workers’ compensation insurance, which virtually every employer must purchase for its employees. Workers’ compensation amounts are prescribed by law and are available regardless of negligence. Workers’ compensation benefits are available not only for injuries caused by accidents on the construction site, but also for overexertion injuries, injuries due to toxic exposure and injuries when performing required work tasks off-site.

Workers’ compensation benefits provide payment of your medical bills and costs as well as disability benefits on a temporary basis or permanent basis if your injuries are long-lasting. You can receive disability benefits for ailments and injuries that prevent you from working as well as assignment to a lighter-duty job.  Your benefits pay a portion of wages lost due to the inability to work, or a portion of the decrease in income caused by your injury.

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to ensure that your basic needs are met, but they don’t cover things like pain and suffering, wrongful death damages or loss of companionship.  Therefore, if you injured in a construction accident at work, you may also wish to consider whether any third-party non-employers were responsible for your injuries. You cannot sue your employer under workers’ compensation laws, but you can take legal action against third parties who played a role in causing your workplace accident such as a manufacturer of a malfunctioning piece of equipment.

A construction accident lawyer can help you to make a third-party injury claim as well as a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in Colorado Springs. At Levine Law, we will work to get you the maximum compensation possible, as well as help you to appeal benefits or claims denials.

To learn more about how we can help, contact our Colorado Springs personal injury law firm today via phone at 719-471-3000 or schedule a free consultation online today.


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