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Speaker 1: To me, it's more than just about the accident. We're skilled, we have the resources to handle the largest of cases, but we're also small enough where we can give our clients individualized attention.

Speaker 2: The difference here at Levine Law is we've handled big cases. We take that same intensity for the big cases and we apply it to every single case in the firm.

Speaker 1: Clients had a life before the accident happen and it's my job to figure out what that life was like. I mean really to make them as whole as possible. Whether it's medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, just overall compensation for what has been done to them.

Speaker 3: I actually got interested in law because of a personal experience in my life. I had some close family members that were injured pretty badly in a car accident and I saw how difficult that was for them. I saw how they were treated by their attorney who didn't communicate well with them, I knew that I could do better and I know that we do. 

Speaker 1: A lot of lawyers make a lot of promises, but at Levine Law our results speaks for themselves. Go look at our results not only with high verdicts that we receive in the courtroom, but also high settlements.

Speaker 4: At Levine law it doesn't matter how big your case is, everyone gets the same personalized attention.

Speaker 1: An insurance company’s role is to pay out as little as possible and that's their business. They take in more in premiums than they payout in claims, they make money. Well our business is to make sure we get you as much as possible. 

Speaker 5: We think it's just as important to take care of our clients as people as it is to take care of their cases. We want our clients to feel comfortable calling us about any question they have whether it's about their case or not. If they have question about their doctors or their treatment, we're happy to help them with anything.

Speaker 1: Anyone involved in an accident should call right away. The consultation is free, our advise is free. So even if we don't take the case we're happy to help anyway we can. So what's your case worth? Well there a lot of factor go into that, but all you have to do is call 719-471-3000.


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I had two firms previously, both were lazy and one even made up statements that were not true as excuses for their incompetence. I was worried that the Statute of Limitations was going to pass. I hired the Levine Law firm and they settled it in a few months and I received far more than I expected. Everyone at Levine acted professionally and efficiently. I would highly recommend the Levine Law firm.

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