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Letting Go: When is it Time for Elderly Drivers to Stop Driving?

People of all ages are expected to drive with reasonable care on the roads and motorists who cause accidents to occur can be held accountable by victims. A Colorado Springs accident law firm can provide representation in circumstances where someone causes a car crash to occur.

Unfortunately, there are many circumstances where elderly drivers continue to drive after it is no longer safe for them to do so, thus increasing the risk they will cause a crash to occur. Age can cause impairments and limitations that make driving more difficult, so it is important both for older people and their younger relatives to make smart choices about when seniors need to give up driving.

How to Tell When It's Time for a Senior to Stop Driving

Star 2 recently published a helpful article providing advice on how to tell when a senior needs to stop driving.  Some warning signs include getting lost when driving; striking other vehicles or getting into minor fender benders; experiencing trouble backing in and out of the garage; other drivers routinely beeping their horn; and regularly falling when not driving, which is a major risk factor.

Unfortunately, when young people realize their parents should no longer be driving, it is often difficult for them to make their parents or other senior relatives give up the keys. Star 2 gave an example of one 85-year-old whose children had tried repeatedly to get their mother to stop driving her car. The older woman even struck a police car while driving, breaking an axle on her vehicle, but still would not give up driving and the police did not ticket the woman after she struck their cruiser.

The 85-year-old indicated she didn't want to give up driving because she needed to maintain her independence and be able to get out of the house on occasion. Unfortunately, by doing so, she was putting herself and other motorists at risk of collisions.

As Star 2 explained, this woman's story was an experience shared by thousands of families each year and the issue is likely to only become a bigger concern over time as baby boomers age. Seniors, especially those who live in suburban and rural areas, could become isolated if they aren't able to drive, and driving could be an essential skill for remaining in their home and not having to move into an assisted living community or nursing care facility.

Unfortunately, while there are reasons why older people don't want to give up driving, if they cause injury to themselves or others because they become involved in an accident, serious consequences can result. Victims need to understand the circumstances under which they can hold older drivers accountable for causing motor vehicle collisions to occur.

A Colorado Springs accident law firm can help victims of collisions to pursue claims for compensation so they  can recover the funds they deserve after a senior causes a crash to occur.  Those who have been harmed should reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible to pursue a claim for compensation for losses.

May 10th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Motor Vehicle AccidentsPersonal Injury


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