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Golf Cart Deaths: 13 in 17 Years is Too Many

While riding around in a golf cart may seem fun and harmless, the reality is that things can go wrong in golf carts and accidents can occur as a result. In fact, golf cart accidents often have fatal consequences because these carts do not come equipped with the myriad protections that are in place in standard vehicles for car occupants.  A Colorado Springs injury law firm can provide representation in circumstances where golf cart accidents happen and cause harm so victims can pursue a claim to get compensation for the losses that they have endured.

Just recently, in response to a serious golf cart accident that occurred, a local sheriff spoke out about the fact that there had been 13 golf cart fatalities in the past seven years within the local area. The sheriff issued a warning about the dangers of golf cart collisions, including a recent crash in which a victim sustained head injuries because she was thrown from the golf cart as a result of an accident.

Golf Cart Accidents are Far Too Common

The sheriff who spoke out about golf cart safety warned that the leading reason for fatalities when golf cart accidents happen is that people are ejected from the golf cart and their head strikes the pavement or their head hits a tree or some other hard object.  When people suffer traumatic brain injury because of a blow to the head after being ejected from a golf cart, the brain injury could be fatal or it could cause serious lifelong complications.

Golf cart operators were urged by the sheriff to take precautions in order to prevent additional fatalities and serious injuries in the future. One of the key things that the sheriff urged was the installation of seat belts in a golf cart. The sheriff said there had been no recorded fatalities in the area in golf cart accidents when the occupant of the cart was wearing a seat belt at the time that an accident happened.

Seat belts are not standard on golf carts, but cart owners can add them on as an add-on after purchasing the cart. Further, if golf carts do have seat belts installed, occupants who ride in the carts should make certain they use them, as many who go for rides in golf carts forego this important safety step because they don't really stop to think of the dangers.

Golf cart accidents can also be dangerous if the cart rolls over because this can cause crushing injuries. However, the sheriff speaking on golf cart safety indicated that while golf carts do tip over regularly, it is less common for them to roll over completely – thus injuries caused by not wearing a seat belt is the biggest area of concern.

Of course, even if you have a seat belt installed in a golf cart, you could still be hurt in a collision when a careless driver or other golf cart operator causes a crash to occur. If you or someone you love is injured or is killed in a golf cart accident, a Colorado Springs injury law firm can provide you with help understanding the legal options available to you and taking appropriate action to obtain compensation for losses.

July 31st, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Motor Vehicle AccidentsPersonal Injury


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